Trust Profile

SHREE SWAMINARAYAN VISHVAMANGAL GURUKUL TRUST of Saij, KALOL village in Gandhinagar district has been established in 1992. The trust is fully devoted to the noble cause of spreading education in the region. To form an educational trust was the dream of Shastri Swami Shree Premswarupdasji, who wanted to do something for the society and materialized his dream by providing his huge share of his property for this noble cause.
In continuation of the true spirit of charity, SHREE SWAMINARAYAN VISHVAMANGAL GURUKUL TRUST is equally and strongly committed to the philosophy of offering technology centered education routed in the ideas of charity and philanthropy. After the establishment of Engineering & Pharmacy Colleges, the trust started RANIP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at RANIP, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT.
The Trust is a distinguished organization committed to multi dimensional growth of education fraternity. The trust is well aware of the social, admistrative and technological needs of the contemporary society, which it targets to fulfill through education.