Students Rules

Rules And Regulations

  • Students shall undertake all the activities associated with the successful completion of the degree efficiently, effectively and to the best of their abilities.
  • Students shall carry their ID card during the college hours. If they don’t have ID card, they will not be allowed inside the premises.
  • Students shall be respectful and polite in the communications with all persons whom they interact with in their capacity as a student.
  • Students shall not use improper language (i.e. swearing, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs, name calling) and any other use of language that violates an institute’s policy, regulation,practice, rule, or expectation. Students shall learn to communicate effectively and respectfully,and practice cooperatively with other colleagues and other health professionals for the benefit of patients.
  • Students shall not involve in any activity that might cause damage to institute property or the personal property of the premises (even where so ever they are posted for clinical training), where the behavior is detrimental to the welfare or safety of the institute, students, or society.
  • If students bring their personally-owned electronic devices, jewelry or any other valuables to the college premises, then it is their personal responsibility with regards to theft prevention.
  • Students shall be punctual and present in the premise during college hours.
  • Students shall wear neat and clean white apron all the time while in college premises. They are expected to wear decent apparel following the professional code while observing and providing service to the patients.
  • Students shall carry all the necessary instruments in the clinical premise like Goniometer, Hammer, Scale and measuring tape, Torch and cranial nerve examination kit, Stethoscope.
  • Students shall avoid being late to college without permission. In case of late attendance for more than 10 minutes from the start of training hours for two consecutive days, they will be marked absent for a day.
  • Student shall be considered absent from col l ege premise if he/ she leaves the premise without permission.
  • Students must seek the prior permission of the Class coordinator/ Clinical Training Incharge for any leave of absence during the period that they are required to attend their studies. Their leave will only be considered if it is sanctioned by the Class coordinator/ Clinical Training Incharge. Their emergency leave will only be considered if their parents inform to the class coordinator in written or through other form of communication such as through telephone or email. In case of sickness/ illness, a student shall be granted leaves by the Principal when he/ she submits the medical certificate from M.D physician/ M.S Orthopedics. Student shall not be allowed to appear in University Examination if his/ her attendance is less than 80%.
  • Students shall acknowledge the values and appreciate the worth of all patients and take all the reasonable steps to prevent harm to them. If harm occurs, they shall disclose it to the patient/supervising physiotherapist/ Incharge faculty.
  • Students shall accept the responsibility for upholding the integrity of the profession and accordingly to maintain it.
  • Students have to abide by these above mentioned rules and if they fail to adhere to these rules, they shall initially be given a verbal warning. In case of continued non compliance, their parents will be called upon and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.