Due to mechanization and sedentary lifestyles, people face common muscular skeletal problems which include issues such as backache, stiff shoulders and neck, osteoarthritis knee, etc. In curing out the disorders, the physiotherapists work wonderfully the mainstream doctors. Physiotherapy can be considered a health profession which is concerned with maximization of mobility and quality of life by implementing clinical reasoning.

Physical therapists have ample job prospects in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Residential homes, Rehabilitation centers, Private offices such as Private practices or Private clinics, etc. Additionally, a person with qualification in physiotherapy can work at Out-patient clinics, Community health care centers or Primary health care centers, Fitness centers or Health clubs, Occupational health centers, Special schools and Senior citizen centers, etc.

Notwithstanding, job prospects for physiotherapists are bright in various sports centers, teaching, working in foreign countries with companies, N.G.Os, etc.

As various health centers, fitness centers, wellness centers, etc. are coming up in big way, the prospects of career in physiotherapy seem positive.

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