Our production unit is and GMP certified. We not only make traditional Ayurvedic medicines and wellness products using paak-vidhi, but also our R & D team has developed customised formulations for chronic illnesses, wellness products and immunity boosters.

Our manufacturing unit is run completely by women. With focus on the purity of ingredients and efficacy of formulations, the  products manufactured at LSM are vegan, locally and ethically produced using modern machinery and technology.


Third-Party Manufacturing

Our Ayurveda production unit, based in Gujarat, India, offers top-quality third party manufacturing services. Our production unit is helmed by a highly qualified Ayurveda expert, ensuring that our formulations are backed by authentic knowledge and expertise. What sets us apart is our ability to tailor-make formulations based on the unique requirements of our customers. Whether you seek traditional Ayurvedic remedies or modern herbal products, our team is dedicated to crafting solutions that align perfectly with your vision. 

Our production unit is both GMP and ISO certified. Right from sourcing the ingredients to manufacturing and quality, our production unit has women at every step of the value chain. Choose our Ayurveda production unit for your third-party manufacturing needs and experience the seamless synergy of quality, customization, and empowerment.

Hear from our customers

Padmavati Sales


Padmavati Sales

“We are into business of Ayurveda medicines manufacturing. From the beginning of our venture, we have been taking SEWA’s services in production of TriktuChurna, Harde, Cough syrup. From last 15 years we are associated with SEWA and they are synonyms with assurance for quality products.

SEWA’s women are very professional and finishes all the productions in time. We highly recommend SEWA to other producers. It gives benefit to our business as well our clients.”

– Manish Shah

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